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Junior Membership Form
Code of Conduct
Changing Policy

The safety and well-being of all our members, and particularly our juniors, are and always have been our number one priority at Minster Cricket Club. As part of our overall responsibility as a club, and our responsibilities as a Clubmark status club, you can find and download all our policies and guidelines below. Please contact the Club Welfare Officer Jordan Weller on 07795 576260 if you have any queries.

MCC Constitution
Drug & Alcohol Policy
Equity Policy
Transport Policy
Photography & Video Policy
Minster Cricket Club Code of Conduct Guidelines:
Welfare Officer 

The Coach will endeavour to:

- Follow the guidelines stated in MCC’s Child Welfare Policy.
- Provide information on training and matches.

- Plan/evaluate training sessions and will select the team for matches.

- Be punctual and prepared for training and matches.

- Give everyone the chance to learn and play the game of cricket.

- Advance players to district/county level if applicable.

- Be approachable and available to answer questions etc.

- Inform parents and players of their progress and relay any relevant information.

- Liaise with Coaching Coordinator & Director of Coaching for consistent coaching techniques.

- Report back regularly to Welfare Officer on all sessions/matches.

- Identify any discipline/behaviour issues and report to Welfare Officer.

- At ALL times represent Minster Cricket Club and the KCB/ECB.



The Player will endeavour to:

- Be prompt for training and matches.

- Listen to coaches instructions at ALL times.
- Have the correct payment etc. for training and matches.

- Ask questions if they’re not sure about anything.

- Relay information to Parents/Guardians where applicable.

- Contact the coach or see appropriate section of club website if weather looks doubtful.

- Arrange transport to/from training and matches.

- Remember that ALL coaches at MCC are volunteers and that help with setting up/ putting
  away training and match day equipment is normal practise.

- Be responsible for yourself, your coach and other players’ safety at ALL times.
- Represent MCC on match days and wherever possible wear club endorsed clothing.




The Parent/Guardian will endeavour to:

- Support the coaches/players’ guidelines as set out above.

- Be approachable by the coach for information/feedback etc.

- Ask questions when not sure about anything.



Please remember these are guidelines only and COMMON SENSE must prevail at all times. If anyone has any issues or concerns with the club’s guidelines please contact Minster Cricket Club’s Welfare Officer Jordan Weller on 07795 576260.

Deputy Welfare Officer

Mark Tucker

07912 994779

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Clubmark/Development Plan Administrator

Steve Nixon

07769 657144

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Jordan Welle

07795 576260

Kent Community Welfare Officers

Minster at Senior level promote 'play hard, but fair cricket!'

Our Youth section has a very different approach and the game MUST be played in a safe and enjoyable environment!

Winning is NOT important at all whilst our future stars develop their skills...

Minster fully supports and endorses this video and our Code of Conduct!

To everyone involved with Minster's Youth Section, please remember this video and its very important message!

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