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Debit Card Facility Now Available at MCC

The club are pleased to announce that we will be able to accept debit and credit card payments from this coming weekend. We hope that this new service will be of use to our members and visitors alike. There will be a small transaction fee of £1.50 to cover the cost of processing but hope that you understand that this is necessary for the convenience it will bring. The club also would like to let you know that bar prices will be rising from this weekend too by approximately 10%. However if you have paid your membership fees there will be a membership card waiting for you behind the bar which will give you a 10% discount which negates the price rise. Please ask whoever is behind the bar for your card and present to receive your discount whenever you make a purchase. If you haven't paid up your membership what better incentive can there be than cheaper Red Stripe!

Once you have your membership card, you can pre-load your account at the bar, either by a card payment or cash, and then use the account for future purchases. Your receipts will tell you how much is left in your account.

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