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Director of Coaching Viru Vegda ends spell with Minster

It is with great sadness that the club can announce that our Director of Coaching Virendra Vegda will not be returning to England for the 2017 season.

Viru has been an excellent servant to the club for the past five seasons and has been a superb influence on many of our senior and junior players. The club would like to thank Viru for everything that he has done for Minster in recent years and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours. We hope that one day we may see Viru at Minster yet again in another capacity.

Parth Mehta will again be returning and will step up as the club's 1st XI overseas player, and with new junior coach Riki Ashwell, and new senior Level 3 Coach Jason Smith, we hope to still offer the great level of coaching to our senior and junior players alike.

Thank you once again Viru, we will see you soon! All the best from everyone at MCC!

A message from Viru:

"Hello everyone, I am also sad for leaving MCC for the current year. For the first time in 12 years I am missing a UK season. I committed to 3 years with Minster when I signed my first contract. After a year of the 2012 season I became involved in this club like it was my family and came back year after year because of my love for MCC. I committed myself every year and many club members asked me how I managed without family but I got by because of MCC loving me. After 3 years I extended my contract for another 2 years and I really don't know how time went that fast. I would be delighted to come back when everything with family and other things are sorted. MCC is forever me. Hopefully I will meet everyone asap again. I hope that all the juniors please remember there is no shortcut for performance, the only option is hard work and building concentration levels. If any juniors have any questions, they can always contact me and good luck to everyone for the 2017 season. Thank you everyone once again for hosting me at Minster and with all the facilities that you provided me.

Best regards, Viru"

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